Monday, April 12, 2010

When i decided to install my flip down LCD TV the biggest problem to overcome is there is no support for it were I wanted it installed. First i decided to pass the wiring through the drivers pillar if you use high quality video wire it is a very tight fit. Next I took a couple 1x2's and used windshield urethane to glue them in place and braced them there for 24 hrs. I took the power from the light over the drivers door perfect the LCD draws little power. A good CD/DVD/Radio and we were all set. But that wasn't enough i also installed the satellite dish to round it all out.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Motor and trany out

Good afternoon after taking all hoses and electrical off took off axles from the tran's and dropped it all down with a small jack and a 1x6 my wife should be happy after 2 years sitting in the drive way lol.

Suby conversion

Day 1 took all electrical and hoses off original motor. Dirty job but it is for my wife's Westy